Chemical Peels – TCA Peels

There is a lot of talk today about laser treatments. While they are a valuable option, laser procedures are not always the answer.


That’s why dermatologists like Dr. Goodlerner trust chemical peels to improve fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation problems, and certain acne scars. The treatment is exciting because the results are predictable and proven.


Dr. Goodlerner uses trichloracetic acid (TCA) in a 15 to 30 percent solution, as a mid-depth peeling agent, to improve pigmentation, wrinkles and acne scars. The agent is stronger than that used by an esthetician, but does not penetrate as deep as laser resurfacing.


Essentially peels do just what they say they do. They cause the skin to blister and eventually peel off, exposing beautiful, regenerated skin underneath. The 15 percent solution is safe for a variety of skin types, even darker tones. The 30 percent is primarily used on fair-skinned patients.




After you complete a special pre-procedure skin care routine, your peel will be done in the office.


Your skin is cleansed and prepped, and the peeling agent is applied. It remains on the skin approximately 10 to 15 minutes. During treatment, you might feel a slight burning or stinging. Cold packs and towels then soothe the skin before a healing ointment is applied.




Again, you’ll receive a post-procedure program. You can expect redness followed by peeling skin. The scaling skin may crust over and turn brown. 15 percent peels usually heal in five days, while 30 percent peels require closer to seven days. Residual pinkness can be covered with makeup. In some cases, a second procedure is required to achieve optimum results.


Your skin will be greatly improved, yet sensitive to the sun after the procedure. It’s essential that you adhere to the follow-up skin care program – including the proper use of sunscreens.


While laser treatments are a fantastic development, chemical peels can give you amazing results – at a cost-savings. And they can be used in conjunction with other treatments.


Dermaplaning can be added to any skin treatment. This mild exfoliation will leave skin feeling smoother and healthier. Dermaplaning, a unique method of removing peeling skin and facial hair, can be added to any skin treatment. This mild exfoliation will leave skin feeling smoother and healthier. It is ideal when combined with a glycolic acid peel.

Talk to Dr. Goodlerner about whether a TCA peel is right for you. Then you can uncover a smoother, healthier complexion.