Men can improve their skin by selecting the right products for their skin type. However, skin care for men is different than skin care for women.  With her knowledge of the specialized needs of male skin, board-certified South Bay dermatologist Dr. Susan Goodlerner can provide recommendations for products that will maintain both health and appearance.

Skin Care for Men: Proven Dermatology Tips

Acne Prone Skin

An exfoliating cleanser for acne-prone skin, instead of soap and water can reduce acne in just one step. Dr Goodlerner has her own “Acne Kit” that is stronger and less costly than the popular brands advertised on TV. For men with active acne and oily skin, combining our kit with prescription products can be the answer. And, our esthetician Elizabeth offers facials and peels that can be customized for men. Skin care is not just for women!

Rosaceaskin care for men

Men who are prone to facial redness can use a 3-in-1 product that provides sun protection, moisturizes, and also constricts blood vessels. Dr. Goodlerner recommends the Avene anti-redness skin care group for men who have facial redness. She can advise you on a program that is right for your skin type.

Sensitive Skin

For men with dry skin or the tendency to have rashes, gentle soap such as Lipikar Surgras soap, made of shea butter or gentle cleansers such as Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser are the answer. And, don’t forget using moisturizer day and night. If you are have skin rashes on the face, you may have a form of eczema and need prescription products in addition to the right skin care.

Prevention of Skin Cancer and Anti-Aging

For anti-aging, many men are following the lead of their female partners and using vitamin C serums or products with vitamin A, such as prescription-strength Renova or Refissa. (tretinoin). Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It works by helping to repair damage to the skin from sun and pollutants. (Yes, even air pollution can damage the skin!) Topical Vitamin A exfoliates and repairs sun damage. Regular use for six months or more can improve wrinkles and prevent precancers. And, don’t forget the delicate skin around the eyes. Dr Goodlerner’s special eye gel is a light product that men feel comfortable using. Visit our skin care products page for details on the range of products we offer right here in our South Bay dermatology practice.

Sun Protection

If you live in Southern California, you need a daily sunscreen. Dr Goodlerner can recommend sun protection products that are right for your skin type both from our skin care lines and from the pharmacy. Don’t forget to reapply every 90 minutes if you are doing an outdoor sport or working outdoors. And, for those who work outdoors, use sunscreen on your face, neck, arms and hands.

Age Spots

If you spend enough time in the sun and you are fair skinned you will eventually develop brown spots AKA age spots. Good news – we have several prescription strength skin brighteners that will lighten age spots with several months of use.

Dry skin

Sun exposure and age can cause dry peeling skin, especially on the arms and legs. If your OTC drugstore product is not working, Dr. Goodlerner can recommend a product that will solve the problem. For best results, apply body lotions after showers on damp skin. And , switch from deodorant soap, which dries the skin to a sensitive skin product.

If you want to improve your appearance with minimal downtime, contact us to schedule a “Skin Care for Men” cosmetic consultation in our Torrance dermatology practice to learn what treatment options and skin care products are right for you.