Light Therapy

Dr. Goodlerner is among the first in California to offer LED blue and red light therapy, which improves mild to moderate acne by destroying bacteria, stimulating cell growth, and decreasing inflammation. Each treatment session takes about 20 minutes, and most patients experience 70-80% clearing of acne within 2 months after 8 treatments during the course of a month. This treatment is approved by the FDA but not covered by insurance.


Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Available in only a few South Bay practices, this treatment uses a light-activated medication combined with LED light to treat more widespread precancers and sun damage. After a few days of healing time, the treated area is smooth, and the precancers are resolved by 90% or more. PDT is an alternative to liquid nitrogen freezing, which may cause white spots, or topical chemotherapy, which results in more than four weeks of redness. The treatment is covered by insurance. Click here to download pre- and after-care instructions.