Dr. Goodlerner treats all diseases and conditions of the skin, hair, and nails in adults and children. She is Associate Clinical Professor at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where she teaches dermatologists in training. Due to her position on the clinical faculty, she is up to date on the latest medical dermatology treatments and medications for a variety of skin diseases.

Cutting Edge Treatments for All Dermatological Conditions


Dr. Goodlerner and her Nurse Practitioner, Edie Moore, are experts in all of the most current acne treatments. Dr. Goodlerner has developed her own skin care products for acne, including Acne Clearing Cleanser and Acne Solution System. Other treatments include hormone therapy for women; the standard topical prescriptions such as topical antibiotics, topical vitamin A, oral antibiotics; isotretinoin or Accutane therapy; and blue and red light therapy. (See Treatments for Acne and Precancers.) She also provides acne scar removal.


Precancerous Lesions / Actinic Keratosis

Dr. Goodlerner treats actinic keratosis with all available therapies: cryosurgery, topical chemotherapy, and photodynamic therapy.



Dr. Goodlerner is an expert on biologic medications for psoriasis and currently treats patients with three of these medications for moderate to severe psoriasis. She was involved in a long-term study with Enbrel, the first biologic medication used for the condition. She is also experienced in the use of Methotrexate and other oral medications used for psoriasis.


Dermatitis and Eczema

Dr. Goodlerner treats dermatitis and eczema in both infants and adults, providing skin allergy testing, when appropriate.



Rosacea is a common disorder that causes redness and sometimes red bumps on the central face. It cannot be cured, but it can be controlled and improved with medication, special skin care products, and if necessary, laser treatment to reduce the redness. Read more about laser treatment for facial redness.



Excessive sweating under the arms can be treated with topical and oral medications. If that is not successful, Botox can be used to block the impulses from the sweat glands to the skin. Since this treatment is not cosmetic, it is covered by insurance.


Women’s Skin Conditions

Dr. Goodlerner is one of few dermatologists who specialize in the treatment of skin conditions of the female genitals, including lichen sclerosis and dermatitis. Read more.


Skin Cancer

Dr. Goodlerner diagnoses and treats all types of skin cancer – basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. She has special training and expertise in dermoscopy, which enhances the accuracy of her trained eye in diagnosing melanoma, atypical moles, and other skin cancers. She performs surgery for skin cancer in her office operating room using local anesthesia. In addition to surgery to remove skin cancer, she often prescribes topical chemotherapy cream for superficial skin cancers. When patients are not surgical candidates, a new, safe oral chemotherapy can be used or referral can be made for radiation therapy.



Complete skin examinations or mole checks are an important preventative service provided by Dr Goodlerner and Nurse Practitioner Edie Moore. They use the dermatoscope to better identify atypical moles, as well as digital photography of any moles that require follow-up. (Dr. Goodlerner often uses Dermoscopy as a diagnostic tool.



In combination with her training and expertise, Dr. Goodlerner uses this technology to examine moles and detect melanomas. The dermoscope is a special magnifying instrument that uses polarized light to examine the structures of the skin in greater detail, which allows more accurate identification of atypical moles and melanoma skin cancers.


Skin Surgery

Dr. Goodlerner performs surgery for skin cancers, as well as for moles and other benign growths. If you are scheduled for surgery, please download our pre- and post-op instructions and Medication Precautions for Skin Surgery Patients instructions. Call the office if you are on any of the medications that are recommended to be stopped or if you have any questions regarding other instructions.


Mohs Surgery

Especially useful for treating skin cancers of the nose, ears, and other hard-to-treat areas, Mohs surgery involves microsurgical techniques to remove suspect tissue one skin layer at a time. Each layer is sent for frozen section evaluation. As soon as an examination shows no more cancerous tissue, the procedure is finished. The treated area can then be reconstructed with good cosmetic results.


Warts and Other Benign Skin Lesions

Dr Goodlerner and Nurse Practitioner Edie Moore treat warts by a variety of methods, including cryosurgery, electrocautery, topical chemotherapy, and pulsed dye laser. Benign skin growths such as skin tags are removed on an elective basis.


Skin Care Products

Dr. Goodlerner has developed her own line of skin care products and also prescribes advanced pharmaceutical-grade formulations by a variety of companies. Read more.

For more information about dermatological conditions and their treatment, visit the websites of:
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For medical dermatology care, contact Dr. Goodlerner’s office for an appointment (have your insurance information available when you call.)