Are you bothered by rosacea, facial veins, scars, red birthmarks, stretch marks or warts? The Vbeam Pulsed Dye Laser has proven through 15 years of research to be extremely effective in eliminating these unsightly, benign skin problems. It especially works wonders on severe rosacea and broken blood vessels from sun exposure. Rest assured, this treatment is completely safe, even for infants and children.

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The Vbeam laser is one of the most versatile devices in our practice. In addition to the above uses, our updated VBeam laser can be used for the following conditions:

  • Raised scars or keloids-flattens and reduces redness
  • Acne scars- especially if they are red
  • Cherry angiomas- small red growths that occur with age
  • Brown spots on the face, hands, and chest
  • Redness or discoloration on the neck and chest
  • Leg veins –small red veins

How does the Vbeam laser work?

The procedure is simple. The blood vessels in the skin absorb the gentle light, coagulate, and are reabsorbed into the body as part of the natural healing process. Many patients compare the sensation to a rubber band snap on the skin. To minimize any discomfort, the doctor will be happy to apply a topical anesthetic cream for 30 minutes prior to the procedure. Patients will need to arrive early if the prefer to have the numbing cream first. Most patients do not find it necessary

One of the benefits of Vbeam laser treatment is that the laser cools the skin during treatment, making the procedure more comfortable for patients. You may experience some increased redness after treatment, but it should disappear in one week. After a series of 2-4 treatments, you will notice dramatic cosmetic improvement in rosacea, facial veins and uneven color of the neck and chest. Sunscreen is mandatory post treatment to maintain the benefits.

What conditions can be treated with Vbeam?

Here is what you need to know about some of the special treatments done with the VBeam pulsed dye laser:

  • Facial veins, redness of the face, neck and chest: This treatment is described above. With careful sun protection, most patients have benefit for an extended time. If a touch up is needed in 2-3 years, typically one treatment will work.
  • Raised scars or keloids: This laser procedure works best in conjunction with injection of cortisone to the keloid. Higher laser energies are need so there may be some temporary bruising
  • Acne scars: Red discoloration from acne scars typically resolves in 2-4 sessions. Expect some increase in redness or purpura in the healing phase.
  • Cherry angiomas: These benign growths resolve in 1 treatment 90% of the time. Healing takes about 10 days. Expect some grey or purple discoloration during the healing phase
  • Brown spots: This laser treatment works well for spot treatment of brown or pigmented age spots of the hands and face. It is less effective for arms and legs due to skin thickness. The brown spots will turn darker and may bruise in the healing phase
  • Redness on the neck and chest: This treatment is a home run as it almost always is highly effective. After treatment fanatic sun protection is needed to keep the problem from recurring
  • Leg veins: Vbeam is used as a touch up after a series of injections to correct leg veins. The smaller red veins that remain or occur after injection of larger veins respond better to laser than injection.
  • Birthmarks or port wine stains: Depending on location darker birthmarks can require 10 -20 treatment sessions spaced 6 weeks apart. Birthmarks on the face are quicker to resolve than birthmarks on the body. This treatment is usually covered by insurance with prior authorization
  • Stretch marks: The laser works best on newer,  red stretch marks. Treatment can be done soon after delivery.
  • Warts: The laser is used on difficult to treat warts that have not responded to freezing or at home medication. It works by reducing the blood vessels to the wart, causing the wart to involute.

What is the recovery time?

Most patients have treatment for facial redness do not take time off work. The post treatment redness can be covered up by makeup and concealer. The increased redness typically resolves in 2-4 days. Brown spots on the face or hands may stay red or bruised for up to 10 days after treatment. Since these are small treatment areas, the spot can be camouflaged.

What side effects are common with Vbeam pulsed dye laser?

Most patients having treatment of redness of the face, neck and/or chest will notice increased redness and some puffiness in the treated area. The swelling usually resolves in a day. The increased redness will resolve in about 4 days. Permanent adverse effects of the laser such as white spots or scars are extremely are. It is more likely to occur with treatment of brown spots or when the laser is used by an RN or PA without a doctor’s supervision.

Bruising, if it occurs, can be minimized by applying ice for a few minutes each hour. Patients should avoid contact sports for a few days while their skin is more fragile. And, of course fanatic sun protection is required to maintain the benefits. Some lesions, however require bruising to attain optimal resuls. Port Wine Stains, a deep, one sided birth mark, require high settings and always will have bruising post treatment.

How much does a Vbeam laser treatment cost?

Treatment costs vary depending on the condition being treated. Treatment of a few angiomas or brown spots may be as little as $150. A  Vbeam laser treatment series for the face and/or neck and chest may cost $1200- $1600 depending on the size of the treatment areas and number of treatments recommended.

What are the results?

Facial redness usually improves 70-80% with a series of 4 treatments. Brown spots are usually lighter in color or may completely resolve. A touch up session is available at a lesser charge. ,Angiomas resolve in 1 treatment. Straie may take several treatments to resolve both the redness and the decrease in collagen. There will be continued improvement in skin texture and tone months after the laser treatment.

Who can perform this treatment?

Nurses, Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are able  laser hair removal under their license. In may medi-spas these mid level practitioners are performing laser treatments without the necessary supervision. The benefit of doing Vbeam laser treatments with a board certified dermatologist are improved patient safety and better results. Most mid -level practitioners use the pre-set laser energies recommended by the manufacturer.  In fact for optimal results, it is often necessary to do higher energies.

Vbeam Results:  Real Patient Reviews

Here is what a few of our patients are saying:

“4 treatments over 4 months, took away the excessive redness and really smoothed the skin overall.  Very pleased with results.”  Miriam

Patient Steve had a V-beam Pulsed Dye Laser for constant redness and broken blood vessels on nose and cheek…

” I am very  happy with the results.  My wife stated ‘Your face is so clear and smooth’  Each treatment gets better.  A few days of redness, wtih no bruising. Results keep getting better with each treatment, with a very knowledgeable and helpful staff. “