Men are increasingly seeking non-invasive cosmetic treatments to maintain a youthful appearance.

Popular cosmetic procedures for men include Botox, volume-enhancing dermal fillers, and minimally invasive laser treatments to reduce redness, brown spots, acne scars, or large pores. Laser hair removal is also commonly performed.

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Edie our nurse practitioner using VBEAM pulsed dye laser, a popular treatment for men that reduces redness of the face and neck.


Dr. Susan Goodlerner has many years of experience providing cosmetic treatments for men that enhance their appearance in subtle, discreet ways. As one of the first dermatologists in the South Bay to use lasers on the skin and teach other physicians in their use, she is up to date on the latest advances in cosmetic dermatology for both men and women.


Male Skin Has Specific Needs

A man’s skin does not age the same as a woman’s, so treatments for men need to be tailored for their particular requirements.

For example, men have:

  • Increased oil production, which makes them more prone to acne or large pores
  • Greater sensitivity to UV Light resulting in a tendency toward facial redness
  • Stronger facial muscles and thicker skin that tends to create deeper expression lines
  • Less subcutaneous fat under the skin and higher bone density, which can cause a “tired, sunken” look


Injectables for Men

As a result of these differences, men may need up to twice as much Botox to achieve the same result in facial muscle relaxation as a woman. Men with low body fat who have facial volume loss may require an increased amount of wrinkle fillers or an extra treatment session to achieve the desired result. Read more about Injectables and Dermal Fillers.


“I am pleased with the results. When I look in the mirror, I can’t say exactly what it is – I just look better!” –MR, 59-year-old man after four Sculptra injectable treatments.


Laser Treatments for Men

Laser treatments for rosacea or facial redness with the pulsed dye laser are equally effective for men and women. Since there is little “downtime” other than a slight increase in redness for a few days, this treatment is very popular for men. The same laser can be used for spot treatment of veins on the nose or for brown sunspots. Tinted sunscreen can be used to mask the increased redness so that no time off from work or normal activities is needed.

Acne scars and sun damage can be improved with laser skin rejuvenation. Both the Fraxel laser, which is a staged procedure over 4-5 treatments, and the CO2 laser work as well on men’s skin as on women’s skin. The Fraxel laser has a 3 day healing time, so it can be done with minimal time off work. The Fractional CO2 laser typically requires a week off but is more effective in reducing significant sun damage and pre-cancers.

Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular procedure with men that can rid them of back hair or reduce facial hair so that daily shaving is no longer necessary.