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Patient  Christine had Botox / Voluma

My experience with Dr. Goodlerner and staff was wonderful.  They were knowledgeable, polite and friendly.  I selected Botox for head and Voluma for cheeks and for a woman of an older age I saw Great Results!  Hope you women out there can experience the same.

Patient C.L. had a V-beam Pulsed Dye Laser

I had a lot of redness on my face, neck and chest from sun damage.  I was very pleased with the results. Many friends commented on how well my skin looked, even a lady in a store that I didn’t know.  The office was wonderful and attentive. I had numbing cream on first. When asked if it hurt, yes, a little stinging, especially on the first visit.

Patient Diana had Laser Facial Hair Removal

Hair on face was very dark, tired of bleaching hair and appearance.  The technician was very professional and knowledgeable. Minimum discomfort. Very pleased with results- no regrowth.

Patient Steve had a V-beam Pulsed Dye Laser

I had constant redness and broken blood vessels on nose and cheeks.  I am very  happy with the results.  My wife stated “Your face is so clear and smooth”.  Each treatment gets better.  A few days of redness, wtih no bruising.  Results keep getting better with each treatment, with a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.  Minimal discomfort with great results.

Patient Jeanne P. had a TCA Peel

When I turned 57, I experienced more sun spots, wrinkles and damage from gardening for years without a hat or sunscreen.  I had some hesitation and fears about doing a chemical peel; however, Dr. Goodlerner and her staff reassured me and provided a great overall experience.  I was amazed that I never had to miss a day from work, the “peeling” was gentle and within a week my skin tone and sun spots were greatly improved.  If you’re thinking of doing a peel, I highly recommend Dr. Goodlerner.  Jeanne

Patient Miriam had V-beam treatments

I had 4 treatments over 4 months – took away the excessive redness and really smoothed the skin overall.  Very pleased with results.   Miriam

Patient Lisa A. had Photodynamic Therapy

I had a few small per-cancerous growths above my lip.  I wanted them gone but was nervous about the treatment. My skin is very sensitive. I was thrilled with the results.  the procedure was easy and painless.  I stayed in the house for a few days to avoid sunlight.  I wouldn’t even consider it downtime.  I am so happy to have the growths gone!!! Plus an added bonus, my skin looks amazing. Yes, my whole face.  In fact, I think I will choose to do it once a year just for the benefit of my skin.  I just love Dr. Goodlerner and her staff too.  They are always so swift and helpful.  I am a happy patient.   Lisa A.

Patient MR ( a 59 year old male) had Sculptra Treatments

Testimonial from 59 year old man who had a series of 4 Sculptra treatments (at the suggestion of his wife) “I am pleased with the results, when I look in the mirror I can’t say exactly what it is – I just look better!”   by MR

Patient BB (a 60 year old man) had Sculptra Treatments

“It didn’t hurt. Very happy with results. Recovery time – none – no bruising.  People comment that I look different, but they can’t really express what it is. Some say that I must lead a stress-free life. I assume when they say I look ‘different,’ people mean I look rested, youthful. Very satisfied” – by BB

Patient KL (a 52 year old female) had Sculptra Treatments

“I was tired of looking tired when I wasn’t.  The procedure was simple and quick, minimal recovery (if any) and I am pleased as punch after two rounds.  I put on my makeup and look in the mirror and find myself saying “Wow.”

I used the Firm & Fade for my dark spots. It was amazing! I would recommend it to anyone who has dark spots from sun damage that they thought they would have to live with forever.
Linda Fischer, Torrance
Went for my annual skin check . I wish all Dr offices were as prompt and friendly! Everyone was great!
Patti P, Torrance

Thank you to our patients for sharing their reviews.

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