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  • In office treatments designed for you:

It is possible to combine several non-surgical cosmetic procedures for a result that is specific to the patient’s needs. For example severe sun damage on the chest with wrinkles and excessive redness may be treated with a vascular laser combined with a skin resurfacing laser for optimal results

  • Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures  are gaining in popularity

Even patients who are candidates for a face lift are opting to try non -surgical cosmetic procedures such as  skin tightening with Ultherapy (ultrasound) or radio frequency before deciding on surgery. These treatments stimulate new collagen to provide subtle rejuvenation of the neck and jawline. Patients like the “no downtime” aspect of these procedures.

Non surgical body contouring is also gaining in popularity, although results are not comparable with liposuction. Kybella, which is FDA approved for fat reduction under the chin, is being used off –label for small areas of fat deposits such as around the knees.

  • Growth factors to reverse signs of aging

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) , derived from your own blood is being used in new ways as part of cosmetic skin rejuvenation. It can be applied topically to the skin after micro-needling  ( a new type of peeling procedure) to stimulate new collagen. And, it is being used after laser resurfacing to facilitate faster healing. Platelet Rich plasma injections  into the scalp  are  used to stimulate hair growth for those who have age-related hair thinning.

  • Younger patients are opting for preventing wrinkles with  non-surgical cosmetic procedures 

I have observed an uptick in young women, under 35, requesting Botox for treatment of facial lines that are barely visible. There is no study to date showing that starting Botox early prevents lines and wrinkles. More longterm research is needed to answer this question

Anti-aging skin care products are being more widely used by women and men under forty. Taking care of your skin at a younger age has benefits, especially if daily sunscreen use is part of the routine.  Of all the wrinkle prevention methods, sun protection and avoiding smoking are the two most important.

  • Hot product trends for 2018

Face masques or home exfoliating treatments are hot. I am a fan of Societe Deep Thermal Masque with clay and sea salt and our Ca Skin Institute self heating home masque. Used weekly both products renew the skin and leave it glowing.

If you are thinking about trying a non-surgical cosmetic procedure in 2018, call our office to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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