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There are differences between men’s and women’s skin that play an important role in skin aging:

  • There is  increased oil production making men more prone to acne or large pores
  • Greater sensitivity to UV Light resulting in more tendency to facial redness
  • Stronger facial muscles and thicker skin make men more prone to deeper expression lines
  • Less subcutaneous fat under the skin and higher bone density which can cause a “tired, sunken” look

 Men are increasingly seeking non-invasive cosmetic solutions to maintain a youthful appearance.  Popular facial treatments for men include Botox, volume enhancing fillers and minimally invasive laser treatments to improve redness, brown spots, and acne scars or large pores. Laser hair removal is also commonly performed.

Treatments for men need to be tailored for their specific needs. For example, to achieve the same result in facial muscle relaxation, men may need 1.5-2 times more Botox. And, men with low body fat who have facial volume loss may require an increased amount of wrinkle fillers or an extra treatment session to achieve the desired result.

Laser treatments for rosacea or facial redness with the pulsed dye laser are equally effective for men and women. Since there is little “downtime” other than a slight increase in redness for a few days, this treatment is very popular for men. Tinted sunscreen can be used to mask the increase redness so no time off work or activities is needed.

Sun damage, acne scars and sun damage can be improved with laser skin rejuvenation. Both the Fraxel laser, which is a staged procedure over 4-5 treatments, and the CO2 laser work as well on men’s skin as on women’s skin. The Fraxel laser has a 3 day healing time so it can be done with minimal time off work. The CO2 laser typically requires a week off but is more effective in reducing significant sun damage and pre-cancers.

Men can improve their skin by selecting the right products for their skin type. Using a cleanser for acne prone skin instead of soap and water can reduce acne in just one step. And, men who are prone to facial redness can use a 3 in 1 product that provides sun protection, moisturizing and constricts blood vessels. I recommend the Avene anti-redness product line. For anti-aging, many men are following the lead of their female partner and using Vitamin C serums or products with vitamin A such as prescription strength Renova.

Not sure what treatment is right for you? By seeking the advice of a cosmetic dermatologist with experience in treating men you can find treatments and products that meet your needs.


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