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Concealing Under eye wrinkles          Wrinkles around the eyes have many causes: dry skin, aging, smiling, allergies. It is important to identify and treat any medical causes of wrinkling. Dry peeling skin under the eyes may actually be eyelid dermatits caused by sensitivity to airborne allergens or  to something applied to the skin.  Your dermatologist can prescribe the correct treatment for eyelid rashes and help sort out allergies as a cause.

If “crows feet” at the corners of the eyes bother you, Botox is a simple fix. Botox or other “neurotoxins” ( there are several comparable brands-Dysport, Xeomin) relax the underlying facial muscles helping to reduce wrinkles. A small amount of Botox can be used in some patients under the eye to reduce lines there. This treatment is not appropriate for everyone-if the skin is lax or there is white showing under the eyeball, it may weaken the lower eyelid muscles too much.

Wrinkles under the eye respond well to treatment with Fractional CO2 laser. In individuals with fair skin treatment focused on the eyelid area or another skin “zone” may be safely performed. For those with darker skin, treatment of the whole face is usually best to minimize the risk of uneven skin tone.

The hollow under the eye that forms as we all age is known as the “tear trough”. It can be softened with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane. If there is volume loss in the cheeks, treating that with fillers such as Radiesse, Sculptra, or Perlane ( volume enhancing fillers) can minimize the appearance of a hollow under the eyes.

If there are “bags” under the eyes, this is usually due to downward movement or “pouching out” of the  fat pad under the eye. These changes may be accompanied by “hooding” or overhanging of the upper eyelids. Both of these problems can be resolved by eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty. If you are considering this type of surgery, it is a good idea to consult with several plastic or cosmetic surgeons as there may be several approaches to your problem.

Lastly, the right makeup products can help dark circles and bags under the eyes disappear. For dark circles, chose a concealer that’s half a shade lighter then your foundation. For undereye bags, go half a shade ligher. Makeup artists recommend a 3 step approach: , first prep the skin with an eye cream, then apply the concealer such as using a brush in thin layers or use a highlighting pen such as Neutragena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector. Last, applye a matte translucent powder such as L’Oreal True Match Mattifying Mineral Finish using a powder brush.

And, since your overall health is reflected in your skin, get at least 71/2-8 hours of sleep, eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. Those measures in addition to the tips above will help you have smooth looking skin around the eyes.

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