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Hot topics in cosmetic surgery

  •      LaViv Cell therapy is the most promising new injectable treatment of 2012. The treatment involves taking 3 small skin samples from behind the ear which are then shipped to the Fibroscience Lab and grown into a skin cell culture. When the volume of cells is sufficient, the cells are processed into injectable wrinkle filler. This is not an instant treatment – cell growth takes 3-6 months and a series of 2-3 sessions is needed for optimal wrinkle reduction. The initial studies showed benefit for up to 12 months. We are in the process of treating our initial patients so I will have more commentary in a year.  A new cell based wrinkle cream is in the works.
  •      The news media has shown many features about the Cellulaze, a laser that is supposed to treated cellulite or skin dimpling due to fat cells The procedure costs $7500-$9000 and, as yet , is not supported by any large scale controlled clinical trials  I think this treatment needs more time and careful study before I would recommend it.

Hot topics in cosmetic products

  •         L’oreal Paris new Everstyle alcohol free styling collection : Many hair sprays, gels and mousses contain alcohol which can dry out and damage the hair. All of these products, which sell for $6.99 and are available at pharmacies, use polymers rather than alcohol. This holiday season, I have tried the Everstyle strong hold spray and can attest to the light, non-sticky feel. And, it does not dry out the hair.

Hot research topics:

  •         In 2011 two new medications were approved for advanced metastatic melanoma-Ipimumab, an immunotherapy agent and vemurafenib , a molecular target that works on melanoma patients that have a BRAF gene mutation. The data for both drugs is positive for a group of patients that had no treatment options.  I have several patients in my practice that have a new lease on a healthy life (for at least 18 months- 3 years) as a result of these medications. This type of targeted therapy bodes well for the future of cancer treatment.
  •      In August 2012, a multicenter clinical trial was published showing that a spray on “skin” or allogenic cell formulation could help to heal leg ulcers faster than standard wound care. This is very promising for diabetics and individuals with vascular disease who suffer with non-healing ulcers.


Hot topics in dermatology related legislation:

  • ·         Several states in 2012 have followed California’s lead and  enacted legislation restricting use of indoor tanning for minors. Most notably New York’s Governor Cuomo signed a law restricting use of tanning beds for those under 16. (recent data has shown that indoor tanning not only increases melanoma risk but also increases non-melanoma skin cancer. 170,000 new basal or squamous cell skin cancers each year are caused by indoor tanning) The message here- avoid indoor tanning – it is not safer than the sun.


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