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Before and After treatment of smile lines with LAVIV


I just returned from attending the American Academy of Dermatology meeting which was held this year in San Diego. My patients and friends have asked me “What is new in skin rejuvenation?”

The top story for 2011, which is just now coming into clinical practice, is the development of personalized cell therapy for the treatment of “smile line” wrinkles. The treatment, known as “LAVIV”  was FDA approved in June 2011 for improvement  of smile lines or nasolabial folds. The technology involves an advanced process that extracts a person’s collagen producing fibroblast cells from a small skin sample taken in the doctor’s office. The Fibrocell Science Lab multiplies the patient’s own fibroblast cells and processes the cells into a formulation,  “LAVIV” that can be injected into “smile line” wrinkles. The process of preparing the cells takes 3 months. Any cells that are not used can be frozen for future use over 2 years.

The cell therapy in the physician’s offfice is done over 2 or 3 treatment sessions spaced 3-6 weeks apart. The clinical trial, which was of 6 months duration, showed benefit for at least that time. In my “off the record” conversations with the investigators, several of them have observed benefit for 1 year or more. And, although the trial focused exclusively on the smile lines, as it is an easily measurable area, as LAVIV is in wider clinical use, it is likely that information will emerge about LAVIV’s  benefit in other facial areas.

I think this treatment is an exciting, unique treatment option that will produce natural results while reducing risk of allergic reactions.

Our office will soon be ready to offer this treatment. Save the date, Thursday April 26th, our Night of Beauty to learn more.

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