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Hollywood awards season has begun. Those who follow the awards shows will be taking note of the outfits and jewelry worn by the stars as well as their hair and makeup. Without a stylist or makeup artis, here are a few tips for flawless looking skin for your special occasions.

 If you are acne prone, it is important to begin a program of treatment, either over the counter or prescription 2-6 months ahead of the date.  Most topical medications take 8-12 weks for maximal improvement. And, for more severe acne, oral medication which takes several months to work may be needed.

For uneven pigmentation, prescription skin lightening creams will also need to be started 3-4 months in advance of the big event. If improvement is not complete after a few months, peels or laser treatment may be needed for optimal results.

At least a month before the date, start a gentle program of exfoliation to help your skin to glow on the big day. If you chose to use at home products, look for a mild glycolic acid cleanser for at least once daily use. and an evening product with retinol or glycolic acid. If your skin is very sensitive, I suggest using 5% glycolic acid in a moisturizing cream one a day or every other day first and adding an exfoliating cleanser if tolerated.  Then, two weeks before the event, see an esthetician for a superficial peel, or buy a home masque. Use very gentle products without glycolic or retinol while the skin is peeling. The home masque can be repeated one week before the event. On the big day your skin will be smooth and  perfect  for applying makeup.

There are so many brands at different price points it is hard to know which products can be purchased at the pharmacy to save money and which should be purchased at the cosmetic counter. Getting the foundation and blush color right is tricky so having your makeup done at the cosmetic counter or by an esthetician can help you get that right. Some niche products such as under eye concealer are hard to find at the pharmacy. I like Laura Mercier concealer because it is not as light in color as others so it blends better. Don’t forget to apply a light moisturizer as a base to help the foundation go on smoothly. Lipstick and eyeshadows are very similar from brand to brand. In some cases the difference between the more expensive and less expensive brand is in the packaging. L’Oreal, which is the biggest beauty company in the world, makes an inexpensive line of lipsticks and eye shadows that are sold at Target and pharmacies for a reasonable price. I have used them and noticed no difference between those and more expensive brands.

As for your attire and jewelry, take notes on what the stars are wearing tonight at the Golden Globes and at the Academy Awards. There are sure to be knockoffs we all can afford available soon. Whatever your attire, you will exude confidence knowing your skin and makeup look flawless.


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  1. AnneMarie Neuwirth"S

    I had a consult with Dr. Goodlearner a month or so ago. For years I’ve had these little bumps near my neck line (I’m only 47) i didn’t like the way they looked but didn’t know what to do about them. I had gone to see her for another skin issue, which i wasn’t sure what it was. She took a look, said exactly what it was and was really easy to treat and resolve, ( her confidence was reassuring. made me feel much better. Then I asked her what to do about the small bumps. Dr. Goodlerner explained they were just small “Skin Tags” nothing to worry about and easy to address. I didn’t know what “skin tags” were, but They are gone and I’m so happy was so easy to treat and didn’t even hurt to remove with a freeze dry approach. you can even tell there was ever anything there and for me i don’t have any scaring ( i understand each skin type is different )
    She so knowledgeable and gets right to the point! LOVE that! I’m so happy with my treatments! THANK YOU Dr. Goodlerner!
    Torrance, CA