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post liposuction

post liposuction

transparentbgA recent health article in the New York Times reviewed a scientific, controlled study on liposuction. One group of non-obese women were randomly assigned to have liposutransparentbg1ction on either their protuberant thighs or stomach. A control group was not treated but given the option of treatment when the study was over. The result after one year, was that all the fat returned, not in the same place, but in the upper abdomen, shoulders or arms.  To read more click here:

I performed liposuction for many years and observed that outcome -return of fat in another location – in some of the patients I treated. Many did not return for a 1 year follow-up so statistics were hard to track. It is important that this study was done. Surgeons who perform liposuction need to counsel patients  that the fat can recur in a new location. Based on this new information, exercise may work better than liposuction for localized fat deposits.

There has been recent good news for those who are obese and unable to lose weight. Recent obesity research has focused on the metabolic changes that occur in patients who are overweight by 40 pounds or more. The cause of weight loss resistance is understood to be a condition called insulin resistance or prediabetes. Many obese patients produce too much insulin causing the body to deposit more fat. Treatment with a combination of oral diabetes drugs: Actos and Metformin, will reduce insulin production, resulting in weight loss and prevention of diabetes. Patients who change to a low carb diet and increase their exercise, in addition to the medication can successfully lose weight and keep it off.
Conclusion – there is no shortcut to healthy habits when it comes to losing weight but medication may help for the severely obese but liposuction is not a long term fix.

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