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fruitandveggieThe best diet for beautiful skin is a diet that supports good health. The skin is a mirror for your overall health- eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep and it will show on your skin. The converse is also true-diets that are high in sugar can cause acne and diets that are too low in calories ( less than 1000 calories/day for women and less than 1400 calories/day for men) can cause dry, sallow skin.

For optimal skin health, I recommend : omega 3 fatty acids from food to help with skin hydration. A handful of walnuts daily and salmon once a week is a good way to add this essential nutrient  to your diet. Secondly, I recommend daily fresh vegetables -at least 3 servings- in salad and as well as cooked vegetables. The dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli are especially high in anti-oxidants, which have been shown to prevent wrinkles. Lastly, add in fresh fruit such as berries and oranges, which are low in calories, and have both antioxidants and Vitamin C -both important in reversing sun damage. For more on diet and your skin from both nutritionists and dermatologistsclick here

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    I love the picture and you’re right eating healthy does make huge difference!