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Portrait of a smiling man washing his face in bathroomMen want things quick and easy when it comes to skin care- one product that does it all. So, what can guys do to make their skin less oily, reduce pore size, improve sun damage and fine lines? Men have thicker and more oily skin than women which makes exfoliating important. The single best product is a combination facial scrub and cleanser. Click here for a recent review of some of those products. There are  myriad  shave products on the market.. Two notable ones include- “Kiss My Face Moisture Shave”  which lathers and moisturizes with the addition of olive oil and aloe.  Another unique product is Neutragena Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion,  which combines an aftershave, moisturizer and a sun protector all-in-one. Ladies-if you are reading this -consider one or more of these as a gift for the man in your life.

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