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The FDA has recently approved a new botulinum toxin A, Dysport. This medication has been used as a cosmetic injectable in Europe since the 1990’s. One research study published in the UK in 2006 showed that Botox had a longer duration of benefit. On the other hand, the manufacturer of Dysport claims a faster onset of benefit- 2 days vs 7 days for Botox. The cost to the physician for Dysport is slightly lower, which may result in a lower cost for patients. Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox, has recently started a program of $50 rebates for patients who come in for treatment in the next month. The competition may benefit patients resulting in a lower cost for wrinkle relaxing treatments.¬†¬†Larger studies and wider use of Dysport is necessary to determine which product is best.

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    Well, I have to confess that you’ve given me a whole new topic to think about. As if I didn’t already have enough of those (smile here)…

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