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Anthelios #60 Ultralight Fluid

Anthelios #60 Ultralight Fluid

I am very enthusiastic about the new La Roche sunscreen, Anthelios #60. I have been using the Anthelios #15 as a daily sunscreen and love the light, non-greasy texture but been awaiting a high SPF sunscreen that has the same feel.  This product fits the bill.

Anthelios #60 provides a high UVA protection factor (UVA causes Aging and Sun Allergies) as well as UVB protection (SPF #60  UVB causes sunburning). The company claims that antioxidants, including a plant extract, added to the sunscreen provide a second line of defense. Several antioxidants do reduce sun damage so it will be interesting to see some scientific research to back up these claims. . .

I have tried the Ultra Light fluid for faces. . It absorbs into the skin right away without leaving any white film . It is a great product for every day use when a higher SPF sunscreen is needed (those who work outdoors, are prone to brown spots on the face, etc)  There is also a lotion for dry skin and a more waterproof body formulation. Anthelios #60 is available in our office, at our web store as well as at select pharmacies.

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