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hand-lotionCold weather and heat on indoors often results in flares of eczema in those prone to this condition. For everyone, winter often means dry skin. Here are a few tips to help your skin this winter:

  • Apply a body moisturizer daily right after showering, while the skin is still damp. This will help lock in moisture.
  • If your skin is sensitive, look for products with just a few ingredients that have minimal or no fragrance. 
  • For cracking, dry hands use a hand cream right after every hand washing.
  • And, avoid antibacterial soaps and the alchohol based hand sanitizers which can really irritate dry skin
  • I recommend the La Roche Posay products for dry skin sold in our office and at our web store . These products are formulated without some of the irritating preservatives found in many standard over-the counter products. Other options found at the pharmacy are Cerave and Cetaphil products.
  • If your dry, itchy skin persists after several weeks of a regular moisturizing routine, you may have eczema and should see a dermatologist for evaluation and treatment.

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